Pilates Mat
Designed for any fitness level and catering to individual injury and physical needs, you choose to work at your pace and degree of difficulty. Great for gaining lean muscle, losing fat, increasing core and whole body strength and flexibility and maintaining spine agility. Suitable for all ages; however, must be able to lie comfortably on the floor. A great compliment to any sporting or recreational activity. Recommended for everyone, particularly those struggling with hip or back aches and pains or injury recovery. Pilates will help you enjoy life in the golden years, as it will keep your spine supple, your posture correct, and teach you the importance of breath and movement.
Pilates Power
Pilates Power is a Pilates Mat Class with a twist!  The exercises will focus on whole body strength and resistance training, incorporating weights and small apparatus for extra challenge. The session will include a series of slow paced, methodical and breath focused strength exercises for arms, legs and abdominals, plus some intervals of high intensity to feel the muscles burn. Pilates Power is suitable for all abilities and can be modified for injury.