What is Pilates?
A unique set of exercises designed to strengthen, stretch and mobilize the spine, fascia tissue and muscle layers without straining your joints.  It is suitable for all fitness levels; men, women and children.
Pilates is particularly helpful with hip and back pain, posture correction, core strength and general well-being as well as injury rehabilitation and after birth care. 
No matter whether you're an elite athlete, busy mum, business person or avid gardener, Pilates will ensure that you feel stronger, more flexible, agile and healthier today and into the future.

How do I attend online classes?

Step 1: Pay for your online class via bank transfer. Cost is $15 per day.
Step 2: Let me know via email or text that you're coming to class and which class it is. Or click the button below.
Step 3: Set up a space in your home with your mat etc.
Step 4: Set up your computer or smart phone near your exercise space.
Step 5: Wait to receive a website link on the day of your class via email and text message.
Step 6: Pop the URL into your web browser. It will take you to the video and you will be able access the link from 8am until 8pm.