"Don't let Bec's easygoing and friendly manner fool you, she is a Pilates ninja! She knows all her necessary anatomy and muscle groups, can tailor any exercise or class to any injury or pain level, and can slowly but noticeably increase your strength and stability. I am definitely a Pilates convert and honestly think everyone should be doing these important core exercises as often as they can even if it's only once a week. The thing I love the most is that to the outsider it might not look that difficult, but if you are doing it right you can really 'feel the burn' and if you're anything like me, will leave with shaky legs and pleasantly sore stomach muscles!"


"What I love most about this particular program is that it accommodates people of all level of capacity.

The instructor is kind & welcoming & grounded, & the session feels great to do, & is quite a work out, without being too intense.

Highly recommended, especially for people exploring new ways to live a more healthy way, & still be gentle on themselves."


"If you have ever wondered what Pilates classes are like but feel intimidated by the 'trendy gym set' you won't find that at Pilates Platform. Bec is very passionate about passing her knowledge to the class and adapts it to suit whoever attends. She is very patient, the class is relaxed and you will soon come to love Pilates. Give it a go. I am sure you will love it."


"I have only been to a couple of classes with Bec, but she is great fun as well as extremely knowledgable all around. Her routines are varied and suit all ages and abilities. I can't wait for the next class."


"Bec is a great instructor and makes you feel like 'you've got this'. A friendly, welcoming sense of community in her classes and a professional kind teacher."


"Doing pilates is awesome. Thanks Bec for selecting exercises suitable for my hip and back problems and making sure that I do them properly for the greatest benefit. You are a great teacher and make us all feel comfortable irrespective of our age, level of ability. I must admit that when I do pilates I hold myself taller and stronger and feel great and sleep better."


"Bec is a natural Pilates instructor and incredibly passionate about her craft, because she knows how crucial it is to the wellbeing of absolutely everyone. She is knowledgeable, adaptable, patient and kind. This is by far the best Pilates practice you will find in the hinterland, if not the whole of the Sunshine Coast."


"Since joining Pilates my body has benefited greatly by all the stretching and relaxing exercises that Bec has taught us in class, it has given me a hour of shutting out the busy world and concentrating solely on the directions of my instructor, they are not difficult, just doing what your body allows you and surprisingly over time you become stronger and more confident in your capacity to move around in normal every day living. I did have some difficulty with my feet (stiff) early mornings but now they are back to normal. Thank you Bec."